Only Daughter - Anna Snoekstra

One word review? WOW


Now that I’ve picked myself up from the floor I will share more words.


In all honesty when I started this book I did not think I would like it. It starts with a bang right into the story. I kept trying to go back to the cover because I was sure I was missing the first chapter or the prologue. (When reading an advanced copy the formatting is not always perfect) I thought to myself that if I could not even follow the first pages there was no hope for me and this book.


BUT, as quickly as it took off it came together. I only had to be patient and trust the author to tell her story. The story sweeps back and forth between the voice of “Fake Bec” whose name we never learn. Her story of course takes place in the present time, and the real Bec whose story takes place eleven years ago and slowly unfolds telling us what really happened when she disappeared.


I found myself in those last few chapters to be holding my breath and wanting to speed read to find out what was going on. I forced myself not to do that and to savor and enjoy all of the suspense. I have mixed feelings about the ending but that is just because of how I am, nothing that the author did or did not do.


I really enjoyed this book and will look for more from the author.


I received this book free of charge from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.