The Pick, The Spade and The Crow (The National Crime Agency Series) - Bill Rogers

The Pick, The Spade and The Crow was a thrill ride from the first page! I was not sure what to expect from the title but the description was right up my alley. How can I not be pulled into a book that starts with a live burial! Yes, you read right, the victim was buried alive.



The plot was fast-moving and there are so many potential killers. I changed my mind numerous times while reading but I did guess it right before the author revealed who it was. I am happy that this is the first book in a series. I look forward to hanging out with the National Crime Agency gang again and getting to know D.I. Joanne Stuart better. Yes, she was a hard ass in the book but she had lots of reason to be that way. I took to her right away.



I think the ending was a wee cliff hanger and I will be keeping my eyes open for book two! If you like a good English mystery that moves at break neck speed pick up this book!



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