Guilt by Association

Guilt by Association - Marcia Clark I have to admit, I almost passed on reading this book because Marcia Clark is not my favorite person. Then I thought if the old saying "write what you know" is true, she should be able to write a damn good book. I tried it and I was very surprised at just how good it was.

Ms. Clark does write what she knows and writes it in such a way that keeps up glued to the pages. The 'big' story is that of DA Rachel Knight finding out that her partner and friend Jake has been found dead and possibly was involved in some horrible things. She does not believe it and decides to poke around and find out the truth.

While doing that she also must take over his biggest case which involves the rape of a young girl. Again, things are not as clear cut as they seem.

I really enjoyed the characters. The friendship between Rachel, Tori another lawyer and Baily a policewoman was fun. Outside of work they are just girls hanging out and having a good time. They really clicked with me. It's great to have a bunch a girlfriends to be yourself with.

I don't want to give away any of the book so you just need to read it. I was floored by the ending. I had in my mind who I thought it was and things seems to point there but that was Ms. Clark's way of messing with our minds. I never would have guessed.

If you enjoy legal thrillers give this one a read. I actually hope there is more to come from Marcia Clark and that maybe I will be able to visit my new friends in another book.