Lady in Waiting

Lady in Waiting - Susan Meissner This book came from Blogging For Books and I was not so sure at first. I am not a lover of Christian Fiction but it looked good and I gave it a try.

LADY IN WAITING is a very good story that tells the tale of two Janes. One who's marriage is ending after many years and one that lived in the 16th century who's life was just beginning.

It all started with finding a ring and wondering what the story was behind the original owner of the ring. I enjoyed how the author weaved the two separate stories together, allowing us to really get to know each Jane's story.

I enjoyed Lady Jane much more than I did Jane Lindsay. I found Jane Lindsay to be a bit of a punching bag who did not find it easy to stand up for herself. Maybe it is the age, the inexperience but Lady Jane was much more likable and easier to identify with in my opinion.

Overall I did enjoy reading the book. I am glad I took the chance on it. Normally I see Christian Fiction and don't bother.