Lie Down in Green Pastures

Lie Down in Green Pastures - Debbie Viguié My Review: Originally Published in Suspense Magazine

Meet Jeremiah and Cindy: Jeremiah is a rabbi and Cindy a church secretary. People are dying around them and it seems to be linked to a developer who wants to buy Green Pastures Campground. They join forces to try to get to the bottom of things before more people are killed.

Reading this book gave me a look at the different ways people handle relationships and danger. It shows the reader that it is possible to pull strength out from down deep inside yourself. You are stronger then you think you are.

I liked the characters. I enjoyed Cindy's ‘nothing will stop me’ attitude even if at times I felt she was not thinking things through. Trying to take on people she suspects are part of these crimes by playing darts with them in a bar? Not so smart in my opinion. Jeremiah agreed to take some children camping at Green Pastures only to have trouble find them. A washed out bridge, a bombing in their cabin just to name a few. He handled things much better than I would have.

“Lie Down in Green Pastures” is the third book in the Psalm 23 Mysteries and the first one I have read. I felt like I was missing key information about Cindy and Jeremiah. For me it made the book just a bit more confusing to follow and not one I would call a stand-alone read.

Overall, it's a nice cozy mystery that can be read on a rainy weekend. I recommend reading the books in order.