The Ascent

The Ascent - Ronald Malfi Ronald Malfi's “The Ascent” takes readers on a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas of Nepal. Andrew Trumbauer, a rich thrill seeker invites six men to join him on this dangerous quest. Each man for his own reasons, agree to go with him. Six men attempting the impossible must rely on each other or die. One of these men has a whole different agenda putting them all at a much greater risk.

Interwoven in the daring climb is the story of Tim, a sculptor who has lost his thirst for the beauty in his craft, still hurting over the loss of his wife and his part in why it happened. He is drinking too much and questioning what really happened to make her walk out on him before her death in a car accident. He is quickly losing hope in himself and life in general as he tries to figure out why they were never able to reconcile. He may come unraveled as he hears and sees his dead wife and wonders if he’s finally gone over the edge or if her spirit is truly guiding him to safety.

This is so much more than a mountain climb, it’s about love and the emotional rollercoaster that we all ride and how we must put our differences aside and band together to survive.

“The Ascent” is a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat ride that should not be missed. Don't let the title fool you, it is less about a mountain and more about life in general. If you love thrillers that keep you guessing, this is a must read.

(this review appeared in the December 2010 issue of Suspense Magazine)