Afraid Of The Dark

Afraid Of The Dark - James Grippando Jack Swyteck is a character who first appeared in THE PARDON, he was a lawyer defending death row inmates. He is of course still a lawyer defending the underdog and still knocks my socks off! Theo Knight is also back in this book. I love Theo, he is one of my favorite characters. If I could meet a character in real life it would be Theo. I would love to have a drink in his bar. Jack saved Theo from death row and yes he was innocent. He has stood by Jacks side every since. Theo brings humor into the books but he is also a loyal friend.

Afraid of the Dark is very much a stand alone novel. You don't need any back stories on the characters to enjoy this. If you've read his other books you will notice the reappearance of some characters and be happy to see them. Kinda like meeting with an old friend who you haven't seen in awhile. Knowing the characters stories and histories is always interesting but definitely not necessary to enjoy this novel.

This book is filled with twists and turns. I read it slowly, not because it didn't grab me but because I savor Grippando's books, try to make them last so it doesn't seem like such a long wait for the next one to come out!

I had a love/hate relationship with Chuck who is the father of the murdered girl. At times I wanted to cry for him and at other times I felt he knew so much more than he let on. Sgt. Vince Paulo stands out as a character with strength and bravery. Now blind he rarely feels sorry for himself and still manages to live life and help get to the bottom of things. He is a character who I would love to continue meeting in future books.

I found the plot amazing. At first I thought "oh no, another terrorist attack book" but it really was so much more. The mystery and suspense is high. The characters are well developed and lovable. I highly doubt you will figure it out before the unbelievable ending.

In my opinion Mr. Grippando writes some of the best suspense that you can get your hands on. You will find yourself holding your breath a lot in reading this book. There are not many books that I would want to re-read but anything by this author will be a book to go back to because you will enjoy it even more the second time around.

My favorite parts of the book as always are the scenes with Jack and Theo. They are always good for a smile or laugh and are a nice interlude in such a high suspense novel.

I can not recommend this book highly enough. Not just this book, any of Mr. Grippando's books. I can't say that I ever read one that was bad. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.