Flowers For Elvis

Flowers For Elvis - Julia Schuster This was not one of my favorite books or one of the best that I've read but it held my attention. I liked the concept, twins born, one doesnt make it and becomes the self appointed guardian angel for her sister.

The secrets, the hiding, the fakeness of the characters was really hard for me to read and relate to. I understand all families have their secrets but there was just something about this story that I can't really put my finger on that didn't sit well with me.

It's quirky, funny and heartwarming and an easy weekend read. I think this would be a nice pick for bookclub discussions.

In my opinion this is one of the best things about having a Kindle and a Nook. eBooks at very nice prices that allows us to read outside of our reading box and some finds are better than others but it's always a good experience.