Beyond Justice

Beyond Justice - Joshua Graham I have been so lucky to have read so many 5 star books lately. Beyond Justice is right up there with the best.

The story starts off with a bang and only gets better and better. It was so easy to put myself into the shoes of Sam. How horrible to come home to your family slaughtered, have your son hanging on by a thread and then be blamed and convicted of doing this crime and be sent to death row.
Sam found his faith while he was in prison and that helped him hang on and keep going.

This is not always an easy book to read. The opening chapters are graphic and will tug your heart. Don't be surprised if a tear finds its way down your cheek. You will find love, determination and how faith can change a person in-between the covers of this book.

While at times I found it just a little bit preachy, in the whole big picture of the story it fit, made sense. This is more than just a mystery, more than just thriller, it's in a word terrific!

If you love a good thriller then pick up this book, you will not be disappointed.