Death Trap

Death Trap - M. William Phelps Death Trap tells the horrible story of the murder of Alan and Terra Bates by Alan's ex-wife and her policeman husband. Why? To keep him away from his own children, no other reason. Terra just happened to be with Alan and was considered collateral damage. Four bullets into each victim and then they were put in the trunk of their car, driven to a remote area and the car was set on fire.

How can a mother kill the father of her children just to keep him from seeing them? How can a husband who is a police officer sworn to protect and defend, help his wife commit this crime? These questions will probably never be answered since both parties involved, Jessica and Jeff McCord see nothing wrong with what they did and still lay blame everywhere but on themselves.

My thoughts:

This is one of those books that makes you shake your head and say how could this woman have gotten to this point and not be stopped? How could a husband be so controlled that when his wife says "We have to kill him" his answer is "Ok?"

So many people were witnesses to this crazed woman's antics yet she still wasnt stopped. Her family lied to protect her and wound up in jail as well. Not for a second did Jessica McCord stop and think of her children and what her actions would mean for them. They are now without father and mother.

This book was written in a style that made it read like a fiction novel. Many true crime books are like reading textbooks and don't flow like a novel. This one does. The writing makes it an easy and enjoyable read, the facts make you sick to your stomach.