The Traveler

The Traveler - Suthep Srikureja I find myself having a bit of a hard time trying to review this book. Not because I didn't like it because I did, but because it is so many things. Better said maybe is that it could be something different for each person who reads it.

The book tells us the story of a Grandfather telling a story about when the world was young. From there it is a version of the Creation Story where The Traveler started creating as he went across the sky. I say a version because it is not the Christian story or is it? There are so many stories of creation from different parts of the world and they are all worth learning.

The Traveler is a really nice book to share with your little ones. There are black and white pictures, each picture tells a story if you look closely at it. I think it would be very interesting to hear what little ones see and hear in this book.

Recommended to anyone who wants a nice uplifting story.