Bleed for Me

Bleed for Me - Michael Robotham My Two Cents

Bleed for Me was a won book from Goodreads. I was so excited, I have read others in this series and loved them. This baby was no disappointment!

I think I am in love with Joe O’Loughlin! I love his attitude, his dry humor and his outlook on life. He handles situations with grace and efficiency. In this book he is like a dog who won’t let go of his bone.

The story moves at lightening speed and Joe is determined to help Sienna and get to the bottom of things. Sienna is a friend of Joe’s daughter and Joe knows things at home may not be what they seem. In case this was not enough Joe is dealing with a teacher who is not what he seems, a soon to be ex-wife who is still in love with him, and let’s not forget Mr. Parkinson. That’s how Joe refers to his disease that is slowing changing his life. His way of dealing with this disease is amazing. He says he has Parkinsons but it does not have him!

Every character in the book is outstanding and the author does a great job of making us love them, dislike them, question them and shake our heads. The secondary story with Joe and his family is heart warming. I am still rooting for him and hope his wife gives him another chance. My favorite part was Joe talking to one of his wife’s dates.. I was laughing out loud!

I think even readers who have never read the author’s other books will still enjoy this. Of course I have to say go back and read the others for more background and to enjoy Joe, he is that good.