Scream Catcher

Scream Catcher - Vincent Zandri Well it's pretty hard not to love a Vincent Zandri book and this one does not disappoint. The stories are never the 'norm' and the characters are people you can't help but like. I even liked the killer. Maybe admired his creativity is a better way to say it. I would look like a horrible person if I liked the killer! I was not sure I would like this book with the story revolving so much around a video game but I got hooked. The action never stops.

I thought the murderer forcing his victims to scream while he recorded it for use in his real life video games was amazing. I also sat on the edge of my seat reading about Jude trying to stay alive when he was thrown into one of those games. Imagine what Jude was feeling when he was in the midst of that "game" fighting for his life, literally and knowing that the wrong move would be the end of you and your family! Add to that having to disarm a bomb for good measure! Oh yeah, Jude has a problem with freezing up in times of crisis which is why he left the police force in the first place. So, he also has to find a way to overcome these overpowering feelings while staying alive! Can you say heart pounding? Trust me, yours will be pounding along with your fists clenching and your teeth being gnawed down from clenching them together in anticipation of what is to come!

A must read for any thriller lover. Thank you Mr. Zandri, you have done it again!