Summer in the South

Summer in the South - Cathy Holton
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Summer in the South takes us to Woodburn, Tennessee. It is to Woodburn that Ava Dabrowski decides to go after an invitation from a college friend. A lot of things happened to Ava including the death of her mother, finding out her boyfriend is married and things not going so great at work. So she heads down to Woodburn for some R&R and a chance to work on her novel. She's not too keen on the South, but Will convinces her that staying with his aunts will be a fun experience and lots of time for her writing.

Summer in the South was very well written, and the characters were easy to get to know. I enjoyed the "eccentric" ways of the people: ways that could be called looney or crazy but in the South they are not seen that way. There were plenty of moments that left me shaking my head. Having lived in the deep south, it was very easy for me to believe the people and their ways.

While the story did appeal to me in its gothic style, I ultimately just couldn't get fully into the book. For me there were too many non-important details, and I found myself getting lost in them. But do not use my feelings to make a decision on reading this. It is a very enjoyable story. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, gothic stories, a bit of romance, quirky characters and family sagas, this would be a good book for you.

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