Seed - Ania Ahlborn Seed rocks! How's that for a review? Seed is classic horror, psychological horror, creepy horror, pee your pants horror. I loved it!

Ok, that's enough gushing but this was a pleasant surprise. Browsing around for Kindle books I came across this and for $.99 figured I couldn't go wrong. What a true gem of a book this was. The writing reminded me of early Steven King and Graham Masterton. Creepy look over your shoulder, is there something there, sort of writing with great characters and suspenseful plot.

The author did a great job of making us a part of the Winter family. The story centers around Charlie, Jack's six year old daughter who starts to see and experience strange things after a car accident. These things are nothing new to Jack, he has been there, done that and ran from it. He thought he was "normal" now but the actions of Charlie prove he has not outrun his past and he must deal with hit head on!

I can't say enough about how good and refreshing this book was to read. This is how I like my horror, gore in all the right spots but not gore for the mere reason of grossing you out. Definitely a must read for any horror fans.