The House of Balestrom

The House of Balestrom - William  Butler I thought my family was strange but this Balestrom family beats even us. Not by much mind you! Sisters Sara and Susan could not be more different and the secrets, well all I can say is WOW. Sara is called to the island where her sister lives due to the unexpected death of her husband (or was it unexpected?) and as soon as Sara sets foot on the island she is stepping into another world. A world of lies, secrets, not so nice people, murder? and all around strangeness. And what kind of person is Susan? Is she a cold blooded killer or just getting a raw deal? Oh, we find out and I will not give it away.

All of the above for me is just about a guarantee of a great book. I like families that have skeletons and are not your Leave it to Beaver type of family. Trust me, the Beaver could never have been part of this bunch!

We get a hint of what will be happening in the chapter titles. I really liked that. Before I started the chapter I would try to figure out what was about to take place. I was wrong more than I was right!

The twists and turns had my head spinning at times, a good spinning, I had to keep reading and never did I see what was coming at the end. The only complaint that I had and again, it's just my opinion is that at times the writing was hard to read, didn't flow smoothly in some places and I had to re-read.

A great suspense book with a touch of what I call Gothic horror and creepiness added in. I look forward to more from Mr. Butler.

~this book was received free from the author for review consideration~

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