This Bird Flew Away

This Bird Flew Away - Lynda M. Martin When you open the pages of this book you do not step into a world of pretty flowers and sunny skies, you walk into the world of sexual abuse, violence, trauma and more heartache then any young girl should know. All this from a man who is suppose to love and protect her, her step-father. This is the world of Bria Jean. The things that happen to her are not fair but she has courage and hope and she survives and thrives.

I really liked Jack. He was much older than Bria but there was always a connection between them. I could feel the struggle that went on in Jack's mind, his muddled feelings towards Bria. Were his feelings deeper than just brotherly/fatherly love? No matter what, Jack never gave up or turned his back on Bria. He was her rock, her friend, someone she could count on to always be there. Yes, I liked Jack.

This Bird Flew Away is a tough book to read due to the mature situations. For some readers this may be a turn off but unfortunately, this subject is not one we should turn a blind eye to or dance around. Children live through these abuses every day, Ms. Martin did a good job of opening my eyes a bit more and helping me see things from a victim's point of view.