Ghost on Black Mountain

Ghost on Black Mountain - Ann Hite Have you ever read a book that stays in your mind even after you close the cover and move on to your next read? Ghost on Black Mountain is that kind of book. The story is told in the voices of five very different women who all have a connection to the same man, Hobbs Pritchard. Some love him, most hate him. He is a monster of a man and one of these women killed him. His ghost haunts Black Mountain and stories about him are told to children to scare them and get them to behave.

This was an absolutely wonderful book. I loved how each women tells her own story about how she is tied to Hobbs. We get very different perspectives on this man through the eyes and voice of these women. I enjoyed exploring the depths that a mother would go to to protect her child or try to. Seeing how secrets can do so much harm. I found myself asking myself numerous times what I would have done if I were in the shoes of any of these women.

I cared about every single character and my heart broke for Iona and what she went through because of lies and secrets. The one person I would have loved to see more of is Jack, the brother of Hobbs. I felt that he has a story of his own to tell that was touched on but never truly explored. I would be very interested to hear his side of things.

Family relationships, spirits, secrets, love, this book has it all and I was up very late finishing it. Highly recommended.