Charles Manson Now

Charles Manson Now - Marlin Marynick It's no secret that I have an interest in Charles Manson. I have always felt there was so much more to him than what the media makes him out to be. CHARLES MANSON NOW gives us a different look at the man who is the poster child for murderers.

What I enjoyed about this book was the way it was written. It told about the author, Marlin Marynick, his background and how he came to know Manson and do this book. It was not an overnight thing, he worked for years for this. He gives us details that maybe you didn't know, introduces us to people that are close to Manson. Mr. Marynick takes us on the road with him in his travels to the people and places that all lead to Charlie. At times I thought there was too much info about the author and not enough about Charlie but that did not take away from the reading.

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