Sarah, They're Coming For You

Sarah, They're Coming For You - Susan Kronick I believe in ghosts, spirits and hauntings. My family has had some experience with these but nothing like what Sarah has to contend with in this book. It was very easy for me to relate to Sarah. Where other people may thing her strange or a little "off" she was perfectly normal to me. I found her story believable and at times pretty creepy.
My favorite quote from Sarah was early in the book, page 10:
“A ghost watching over a loved one is not an indication the spirit is not at peace. The ‘Protector Ghost,’ as I already mentioned, ‘chooses to’ hang around,and watch over their kin. The spirit has gone into the light, however makes its presence known at certain times throughout the person’s lifetime. The ‘Protector Ghost’ may stay close to their family for a short time, or a longer duration, or sometimes throughout the individual’s entire lifetime.”

This touched me for two reasons. The first being that my aunt who had passed when I was pregnant was my daughter's Protector Ghost until she was about two. She saw her, described her and even sang songs that only my aunt sang! The second reason is because I lost my father in 2007 and like to think he is hanging around keeping an eye on my mother. Sarah's great, great grandfather was her protector and it really is nice to believe that our loved ones are never really gone.

I also liked the relationship between Sarah and her husband. In a lot of ways Richard reminded me of my husband. Loving, understanding and willing to be there through think and thin. The book is full of characters who are incredibly easy to relate to.

I thought that author did an outstanding job of writing a believable story about the paranormal and it's effects on people. What I did not like and for me kept the book from getting five stars was referring to Sarah as the psychic, the seer, the supernatural warrior,the mystic and more. These terms were used in place of her name and for me it was too much and stopped the story from flowing smoothly. This would not however stop me from reading more from Ms. Kronick in the future.

Sarah, They're Coming for You, is a good supernatural, paranormal mystery, I recommend it to all lovers of things that go bump in the night!

Full Disclosure: Book provided free of charge for an honest review