House Of Secrets

House Of Secrets - Lowell Cauffiel Article first published as Book Review: House of Secrets by Lowell Cauffiel on Blogcritics.

House of Secrets is the story of the very dysfunctional Sexton family. Eddie Lee, his wife and children. Dysfunctional is not strong enough a word. Incest, abuse, torture, satanic rituals and, yes, all this led to murder. You have to read it to believe it.

Lately, I have become addicted to true crime and have read many — all of them disturbing but in different ways. House of Secrets made me sick. Not like other true crime books did with killings and blood — this book had those, too — what made me sick was that this was a family. Parents who are supposed to love and protect their children did just the opposite. They abused them, brainwashed them, had sexual relations with them, boys and girls. I could go on and on. Grandchildren who are really not grandchildren but the father's children.

I was shaking my head just about the entire time that I read this. Where were the social workers? Child protection? Teachers reported things, but for whatever reasons these people fell through the cracks and were never caught — until one daughter had enough and told it all, breaking the ice for her sisters and brothers to choose to reveal how they were forced to live. The authorities finally caught up with them but not before they murdered at least two people.

The writing was excellent. Author Lowell Cauffiel did a very good job transporting the reader into the sick world of the Sexton family. My heart goes out to these innocent children whose lives were ruined by their parents.

If you like true crime, this is a book for you.

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