Cruel Death

Cruel Death - M. William Phelps Another winner from M.William Phelps! I thought when I read about the murder of a couple who were tied to an anchor and tossed overboard a boat was the worst that I had read but Cruel Death wins hands down! I can not fathom what happens in a persons brain to even cause them to think about murdering innocent people but dismembering them? As if cutting up a person is not enough read this quote from Erika:

"...and my family will end up exactly like those people. Cut to pieces and him jerking off to the body parts..."

Can it be any sicker? Personally I don't care whose idea it was or who was the leader, in my opinion both of these people are monsters who need not see the light of day again.

Mr. Phelps is one of my favorite true crime authors. Cruel Death like his other books reads more like a horror novel than a nonfiction book. He gives us the background on these two sickies and honestly, it's proof to me that good families have bad kids regardless of how well they are raised. We can not always blame the family life for how people turn out.

I think the author did a tremendous job of showing the unconditional love of Erika's parents, especially her father Mitch. My heart goes out to him. He was so proud of his daughter and had such high hopes for her. Now he has to live with knowing what she was involved in and/or guilty of.

I thought the book was very well researched. I enjoyed reading about their trials even though I was shocked at the light sentence BJ received. I do not agree with it but the author did a good job of explaining the reasons why the jury reached their decision based on what was presented to them.

Yes, I am a true crime addict and M. William Phelps is always high on my list. While this was one of the most disgusting cases that I have read about the overall way the story was told was top notch.