Empty Chairs

Empty Chairs - Stacey Danson I am not an easy person to shock but holy crap! What I found in the pages of this book did more than shock. It made me sick and angry. How can a person who is a mother treat a child in this way? It is beyond all reasoning. Not only the mother but the pieces of dirt men that come to abuse this child. One being a doctor!!! No one opens their mouth and puts a stop to it? NO. Sad, sick and should never happen to another child.

Empty Chairs is not an easy story to read but it is very well written. I forgot while reading that Sassy was just 11 years old! She was so mature and wise for her years. I guess one of the saddest parts of child abuse is forcing a child to become an adult way before it is time.

I wish the author never had to go through what she did but she handled it with dignity and a bravery that even I as a grown adult could not do. Thank goodness for people like the biker Animal who helped her. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for bikers. They get a bad rap and yes there are some dirtballs but most of those guys have hearts as big as the moon.

I will admit that I was disappointed with the ending. I even looked to make sure that I had received the entire book! I would love to know what else happened. How Ms. Danson got off of the streets, how she overcame her past and turned into the wonderful woman she is now. It sounds awful in a way to say this but I do hope there is another book with the rest of the story.

What is even more sad? Child abuse has not ended. Every single day somewhere in this world a child is abused and neglected. How much longer will people turn their backs on it? How many children will not be as lucky as Ms. Danson? We do not need anymore empty chairs.