The Knot Artist

The Knot Artist - India Wilson This was a very good book. It tells the story of a Dominatrix and her clients and really gives us a look at what goes through both their minds. Of course something bad happens to a client and that's where the 'fun' begins.

I enjoyed reading about how Dominique got into the business. Getting into her head was interesting and now at all what you would think. She's not a freak, she is a person doing a job that people want done and doing it quite well.

For me, it was a little boring in the beginning but soon got going. The flashback scenes with Dominique and her sister were very hard to read at times. Abuse of any kind is never an easy thing to read about but it helped in explaining the whys of the plot.

Inside the covers of this book you will find a story that is not really what you think it's going to be. There is of course sex and not your run of the mill 'vanilla' sex so keep that in mind if such things offend you. There are nasty politics and yes, even a bit of romance.

Very good mystery that I would recommend to any mystery lover who is not turned off by a little kinky sex.