Fatal Error

Fatal Error - F. Paul Wilson I am in love with Repairman Jack. If I ever got into a bind he is surely the one that I would want to help me. I am so sad that this series will be ending after the next book but I do understand. Mr. Wilson has been warning us for a long time so there is no use getting mad at him.

You can read Fatal Error as a standalone but I would not recommend it. There is so much back story that you would miss out on knowing if you started here. Yes, you can still enjoy the book but for me anyway I don't think I would have enjoyed it so much. I have a history with Jack, Gia, Abe, The Lady, etc, etc, etc.

This is quite a fast moving page turner. It only took me as long as it did to read it because I was savoring it. Big changes are coming and I am holding my breath for the next book. If you never read any Repairman Jack books I suggest you go right to your library and check out The Tomb.