The Wedding Gift

The Wedding Gift - Kathleen McKenna This was such a fun book to read. It has a little bit of everything, murder, ghosts, romance, friendships, parents, funerals and so much more.

Our main character is Leeann who is full of funny phrases and descriptions. She loves one man but marries another, George Willets who is old time rich. Let's just say his parents aren't thrilled with his choice of wife and his wife is even less thrilled with them. To appease everyone he decides to move himself and his new wife into the old mansion where it just so happens a brutal murder had taken place years before.

Let's throw into this mix Leeann's best friend Jessie who is even funnier than Leeann. A smart mouth, sexy thing who gives not a hoot what people say or think about her. What I like to call a free-spirit. She reminded me so much of a girl I used to know I felt an instant bond with her.

These two set out to figure out why Robina Willets, who years earlier had killed her family and herself, was haunting the old mansion so Leeann could get on with her life without being spooked! But of course they bit off more than they could chew.

Without giving anything away I have to say that my favorite laugh out loud scene was the funeral scene. I don't think I can ever attend a funeral again without this scene replaying in my head!

I found the beginning of the book a little slow moving and repetitive while the story was being set up. It really picks up towards the middle and is can't put down towards the end.

I will look for more books by this author and will grab the next in this series when it comes out.

The Wedding Gift was provided to me by the author for an honest review.