Ice Cold

Ice Cold - Tess Gerritsen I think it's next to impossible for Tess Gerritsen to write a bad book. Picking up one of her books you are guaranteed a wild ride, a sleepless night, an empty stomach and forgetting what your family looks like until that last page is turned.

Ice Cold does not disappoint. It has our old favorites Jane Rizzoli and Dr.Maura Isles. These characters for me are old friends and I always look forward to hanging out with them.

The beginning of the book may be a bit confusing but quickly the story takes off and all comes nicely together. It was nice to see a different side of Dr. Isles while her and her group were trapped in the deserted town of Kingdom Come. I enjoyed her interaction with "Rat" who was a lost boy that had grown up way before his time.

I found myself cringing, laughing, crying and rooting for Dr. Maura Isles with each turn of the page. I was yelling at Jane and Gabriel to hurry, hurry and holding my breath to see if they would get to her in time.

This is one great book. If you like suspense and thrillers filled with lots of action and great characters pick up Ice Cold, you won't regret it.