Horns - Joe Hill, Fred Berman This is my second and last book by Joe Hill. I really want to like him but he just doesn't grab me. I don't find his books at all horror.

I can't even give this book a real review cause I honestly wasnt able to follow it half the time. It jumped all over the place and even at the end it left me wondering what the point of the whole thing was!

I did like Iggy, he was a sweet, funny guy who was just a bit out there. Merrin was questionable to say the least and I dont know if I should have felt sorry for her or what. Lee was just a slimeball and Terry? Let me say Hmmmmmmmm.

I know lots of people will love this book, but it was just not my cup of tea. I am glad I listened to it because I know if I would have tried to read it, it would surely have wound up in the DNF list!