The Lancaster Rule

The Lancaster Rule - T.K. Toppin My thoughts:
I started this book with an "I am not so sure" attitude. Science Fiction, Fantasy is not normally my thing. Ms. Toppin explained to me that while the setting is the future the story is really a story of time travel and the characters themselves and she was correct. I very quickly found myself loving the story and wanting to know more. I could so easily imagine myself in Josie's shoes, waking up three hundred years in the future, lost, alone, scared, all family long gone. Ms. Toppin writes in such a way that I lost my feelings and was overtaken by the feelings of the characters. I identified with Josie's foul mouth, probably a little too much! I am not a lover of romance, but it is written into the story so perfectly, it belongs and does not have that forced feeling, the feeling of sex being there just to be there if that makes sense. The "romantic" scenes are written in very good taste.

This book has it all. A love story, a love triangle, adventures, mayhem, humor, wonderful characters that you truly want to get to know better, cheer for, sneer at, laugh at and enjoy. I honestly never thought I could enjoy a sci-fi/fantasy book so much and I look forward to the next in the series.

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