Think Twice

Think Twice - Lisa Scottoline Bennie Rosato and Alice Connolly are identical twins who were separated at birth. Bennie is a successful lawyer, Alice is a successful criminal who resents her sister's success. Alice decided to become Bennie but she has a problem, what is she going to do with her? She slips a drug into her drink and plans to kill her. She takes over her life, her money even her boyfriend. Alice is just not a nice person..

My thoughts:

I like Lisa Scottoline's books. I am sure them being set in Philadelphia and me being born and raised there helps. I like Bennie, her friend and co-worker Mary DeNunzio, who is having some problems of her own. Think Twice lets us visit again with the lovable and a bit strange DeNunzio family with an added twist, a visit from a very sexy cousin who is said to be a straga, a witch and it seems she has put a spell on Papa DeNunzio! The DeNunzio family is always good for a laugh among all the serious stuff going on around them.

If you suffer at all from claustrophobia the first half of this book will be a tough read, at least it was hard for me to listen to it. Watching Alice get away with madness and fooling everyone is interesting to watch unfold.

I dont want to give too much away, but if you like a good edge of your seat suspense read, give Think Twice a try.