Let Me In (Movie Tie-in) - with Bonus Content

Let Me In (Movie Tie-in) - with Bonus Content - John Ajvide Lindqvist I absolutely loved this book. It's not a pretty, sweet vampire book at all. It is sweet at times but most definitely a real, bloody vampire story that manages to touch your heart while creeping you out.

My only complaint was that there were many characters that didn't have to be in the story. They really had no place and make the book confusing in places trying to fit them together. The confusion though did not in any way take away from the flow of the story.

I really liked watching the relationship between Oskar and Eli evolve. Two 'lost' children just trying to survive find solace in each other. You couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for Eli. Yes she is a vampire, kills people to survive but even though she is hundreds of years old she is still a child.

The bullying in the story was at times hard to read. Not because it was gory but because it's all too true in our world. It breaks my heart that kids have to endure this.

I can't say I loved the ending but it made sense. I am one of those people that always wants a little more, a clearer explanation as to what happened. Let Me In sorta lets us fill in that blank ourselves.

Recommended for anyone who likes a good vampire story where the vamps are not sex symbols but creature os the night. I will definitely be looking for more from John Ajvide Lindqvist.