DRACULAS (A Novel of Terror)

DRACULAS (A Novel of Terror) - 'J.A. Konrath',  'Blake Crouch',  'Jack Kilborn',  'F. Paul Wilson',  'Jeff Strand' I was so excited to be sent this book for review FROM THE AUTHORS! Four of my favorite authors actually allowed me to read an ARC of their book. What happens if I don't like the book? NOTHING because I LOVED the book!

I love vampires. Real, nasty, blood sucking, no conscience vampires. Not the pretty boys but the fiends. Draculas is filled to the brim with fiends. No one is off limits to these vampires, not your grandmother, your mother or even your unborn baby. Yeah, call me a sicko but that's the kind of vampires I want to read about.

These authors do not disappoint. Not one page lacks excitement and yes, I am almost ashamed to say a few laughs. It's in no way a comedy but there is dark, very dark humor in there and you can't help but smirk. Well I guess to be honest it would offend some people but then I don't recommend this to those people.

The setting being a hospital was very good. Just think about all the amazing "goodies" to be found in a hospital to try to ward off these evil guys. And, no crucifix or holy water for these vampires, they are stronger than that so our characters must come up with more creative ideas to stop them.

The characters, as always are very real, very people next door type. We all know these people and they could be us. I am going out of a limb but I am admitting that my favorite character was Benny the Clown. Yes, you heard me correctly, Benny the Clown. Poor Benny got hurt at a birthday party and was coming to the ER for help. (Not telling you anymore, read the book) Poor Benny got much more then he bargained for when he agreed to be a clown that day! You like balloon animals and scarf tricks? Read the book, Benny's got them!

Draculas has a bit of everything, even some romance. I have to warn you and the authors do too, if you want Twilight walk by this book. If you want blood, guts, evil, action that will make you cringe, cry and yes, giggle pick up Draculas. I hope that there is a second book coming.

Let's not forget the bonus material. I loved the email exchange between the authors. Make me feel like a fly on the wall listening to them brainstorm to create this book. And that's not all, there are short stories included, author interviews and more. All for the price of one ebook. Can't beat that.

I can not thank the authors enough for allowing me to read and review Draculas. And when I saw my name in the acknowledgments I almost fell over! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now please get to work on Draculas the Sequel?