Awkward Family Pet Photos

Awkward Family Pet Photos - 'Mike Bender',  'Doug Chernack' I enjoyed this book. I am an animal lover, cats are of course my favorite pet but I love them all. I enjoy looking at pictures as well. So combine the love of animals and the interest in looking at peoples pictures and you have a win, win for me.

This is not just your everyday dog and cat photos. These are family photos that include the human part of the family as well. We have snakes, pigs, monkeys, and horses just to name a few. Some are dressed, some are posed but all are just a bit out there in my opinion but enjoyable to look at and laugh at. I wondered many times while reading this book if these people meant for these pictures to be funny or if there were serious.

I wish the explanations of the pictures were a little more informative but I suppose they do speak for themselves. It is a fun book that will bring a smile to your face. Also a wonderful conversation starter if you have it on your coffee table!

Disclaimer: this book was received free of charge for an honest review