PETER AND THE VAMPIRES (Volume One) (PETER AND THE MONSTERS) - Darren Pillsbury I was not sure what to expect by this book so I opened it with an open mind. I was hooked by page 2! Peter and the Vampires is truly a delightful book with lovable young boys as our main characters. Add to that a creepy grandfather, a huge house where strange things happen and a two year old little sister who wears a bathing suit every day OVER her clothes!

Dill and our hero Peter find adventures and is some circumstances adventures find them. I loved this book. It was creepy, mysterious and laugh out loud funny. I enjoyed Peter but his buddy Dill was hands down my favorite. When Dill gets scared he "maybe" pees his pants, "just a little" and while most of us would keep that tidbit to ourselves, Dill always tells Peter. The exchanges that follow that are hilarious!

I was very curious about the grandfather. He has his own story that unfolds slowly and made me read as fast as I could and turn the pages so I could find out. Dill is scared to death of grandfather and grandfather is none to fond of him either since there was an incident with Dill blowing up some watermelons in the grandfather's garden. The interaction between those two is a lot of fun.

My favorite part of the book besides Dill was the vampire schoolgirl with a crush on Peter. I felt sorry for her at times and wanted to kick her butt at other times. There was nothing funny about her to Peter who had to fend her off but since he's such a nice guy really didn't want to hurt her. Good thing he has back-up in Dill and grandfather!

Peter and the Vampires is a quick, easy read and truly a lot of fun. I will surely look for the other books in the series and I hope my friend Dill shows up in them too.

This is a Young Adult book but trust me, adults will enjoy it just as much, maybe even more. Normally I don't read or enjoy YA but I devoured this and want more! Highly recommended.