Baba Yaga by An Leysen

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Baba Yaga - An Leysen


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Meet Baba Yaga, the witch that flies around in a cauldron hunting children to kidnap and eat. Yes, this is a children's book. 


In the pages of this story we meet Olga, a young girl whose mother died leaving her with her father who marries providing Olga with the infamous wicked stepmother!  Before Olga's mother died, she gifted her with a special doll that Olga always kept in her pocket.  It is this doll who helped Olga outwit Baba Yaga when the good ole evil stepmother sent her off to Baba's house under the premise of getting a needle and thread.  But we all know it was so Baba could eat her!


I knew the story of Baba Yaga but had never read the fairy tale.  I enjoyed reading the story and especially enjoyed the photos.  I feel that reading the actual book instead of on a Kindle will bring the photos and the story to life.  The photos are cute and friendly and not horribly scary.  (I don't think they are scary at all but I am trying to see them as a 5 year old child would)


This is a fun little book that children who are old enough to understand that it is a fable, and that no cauldron riding witch will be hunting them, will enjoy.  


Suggested age is 5 and up.  


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