I Am Alive

I have not died or moved to another planet as it may seem.  I have just been so busy since starting my dream job.


Backstory......I LOVE animals yet for whatever unknown reason when I went to school I went for people medical assistant instead of vet tech!  I rationalize it by saying that 20 years ago vet tech was not as advertised as it is now.  Pretty much you just got hired by a vet who trained you.  The vets I knew did not have assistants.  Anyway......


In March I sort of semi retired.  I have been a medical assistant for 20+ years, ten of those in pediatrics.  So, I left peds and moved over to two days a week for a plastic surgeon.  Semi-retired....my day didn't start until 10am and I finished by 6pm.  Ahhhhh. That gave me plenty of time to volunteer for a huge animal shelter....so I did.


That volunteering led to a job.  A FULL TIME job.  Full time as in 40+ hours a week as an office manager.  So for the last six weeks I have gone to work, come home and passed out.  LOL  No time for reading!  This is age catching up with me and me thinking "what was I thinking?"  LOL  


I LOVE my job.  Ten years of pediatrics prepared me well for the animals...LOL  I finally feel like what I do makes a difference.  I am at last following my heart and not what "THEY" all say and think.


I have decided to make BL my home base.  I like what it offers more so than what good reads does.  It seems much more intimate and a place to really get to know other readers beyond their reviews. I will have some reviews coming......so long as I can stay awake long enough to write them.  LOL