What the Heck Happened?

Follow You Home - Mark Edwards

I was really loving this book.  The cliffhangers at the end of each chapter actually had me holding my breath in suspense.  I lost some much needed sleep last night to get to the end of this book.  And get to the end I did.


I am sad to say that the ending was such a disappointment.  For me it left unanswered questions.  And I have to add that once the "horrible events" were revealed they were not very believable and yes, I am still scratching my head thinking WTH?




I absolutely loved how the book was written.  The author really has a way of pulling you in and holding you just where he wants you.  You know you have to sleep but you just can't put the book down, you have to find out what happens next.  Excellently written, good story that just did not have me believing it as it went on.  


If you like hold your breath thrillers, give this a read.  I certainly will read this author again.