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"Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book."

–Author Unknown

The Oldest Living Vampire Reborn (The Oldest Living Vampire Saga Book 5)

The Oldest Living Vampire Reborn (The Oldest Living Vampire Saga Book 5) - Joseph Duncan I feel like this was a rehash of the other four books. I would have liked more on the "now" story. I love the interaction between Gon and Lukas! And the ending, well it sucked, it totally caught my by surprise. It just ended, cliffhanger, cliffhanger, cliffhanger. I was absolutely left wanting more.....

The String Diaries

The String Diaries - Stephen Lloyd Jones It would not be fair to rate this book. I stopped listening as soon as a small animal was purposely crushed by a jerk. Yes a small part of the story but one that bothered me enough for me to stop listening.

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock - Matthew Quick I am not really sure how I feel about this book. It did hold my attention and I did enjoy how the author put us into a young man's brain but I am still shaking my head trying to figure out the ending. I feel cheated.


Confessions - Elaina Erika Davis, Noah Galvin WOW. I was not expecting this book to be as good as it was. I think listening to it made it even better. Had I read it I honestly don't think it would have held my attention.

I enjoyed how each chapter was from another character's perspective. There were so many twists that I did not see coming. I would call this a mind f*** book! And I mean that in a good way. I will have to check out more from this author.

Diamond Head

Diamond Head - Cecily Wong I wanted to like this book, I really did. It started off so promising but quickly left me confused and constantly shaking my head. I ploughed on hoping it would all straighten out but for me it never did.

I am not one to ever bash a book so read it yourself and decide for yourself.

Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne

Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne - Christopher Andersen This was like reading the National Enquirer in book form. I have no doubt this is silly rubbish turned into a book but I enjoyed it.

The Elementals

The Elementals - Michael McDowell, R.C. Bray I was looking for a good horror book to listen to while crocheting. This was not it.

The story was pretty good. It was more of a family story, how families interact, what causes them to tick, the oddities that we all have, etc. As for horror it falls extremely short in my opinion.

Not a total waste of time, just not the horror I was seeking.

Old Dogs: Are the Best Dogs

Old Dogs: Are the Best Dogs - Gene Weingarten, Michael S. Williamson Beautiful, sweet book.

Bleed for Me

Bleed for Me - Michael Robotham My Two Cents

Bleed for Me was a won book from Goodreads. I was so excited, I have read others in this series and loved them. This baby was no disappointment!

I think I am in love with Joe O’Loughlin! I love his attitude, his dry humor and his outlook on life. He handles situations with grace and efficiency. In this book he is like a dog who won’t let go of his bone.

The story moves at lightening speed and Joe is determined to help Sienna and get to the bottom of things. Sienna is a friend of Joe’s daughter and Joe knows things at home may not be what they seem. In case this was not enough Joe is dealing with a teacher who is not what he seems, a soon to be ex-wife who is still in love with him, and let’s not forget Mr. Parkinson. That’s how Joe refers to his disease that is slowing changing his life. His way of dealing with this disease is amazing. He says he has Parkinsons but it does not have him!

Every character in the book is outstanding and the author does a great job of making us love them, dislike them, question them and shake our heads. The secondary story with Joe and his family is heart warming. I am still rooting for him and hope his wife gives him another chance. My favorite part was Joe talking to one of his wife’s dates.. I was laughing out loud!

I think even readers who have never read the author’s other books will still enjoy this. Of course I have to say go back and read the others for more background and to enjoy Joe, he is that good.

Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing - Anita Moorjani, Wayne W. Dyer Dying To Be Me is a book that I saw numerous times while I was looking around Netgalley. I would look at it and pass thinking that I don’t know how I feel about NDE (near death experience) and it’s probably more of the same old, same old. White lights, beauty, etc. No not for me.

After finishing Wishes Fulfulled by Wayne Dyer I was drawn to read it. Dr. Dyer mentions Anita and her book numerous times. He even wrote the forward to this book. I still thought it would be the same old story but boy was I wrong!

Ms. Moorjani does not take us on the same old white light trip, nor does she preach or claim to have any answers. All she does it tell her story, her experience and take from it what you will.

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Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting - Wayne W. Dyer
Wishes Fulfilled went above and beyond what I expected when I started reading it. I know it would be interesting, would have gentle guidance for how to improve our lives but never, ever did I expect it to touch me to the core of my being! Of course that is basically what the book is about, connecting with your inner self, your Higher Self and knowing that by doing this your life will change dramatically!

Dr. Dyer does an outstanding job of explaining in simple terms the difference between higher self and lower self. He shows us by example how to change the way we think, to choose what we think about and to learn to look at every thought, desire, etc in a way that benefits us to the highest degree.

He includes quotes from many teachers or Masters such as St. Germaine, Uell S. Anderson, Neville Goddard and many more. In each chapter Dr. Dyer takes us one step further along on how we can achieve anything we want with the power of our thoughts and intention. Each new chapter expands on the ideals of the last and brings it all together. Each chapter ends with three ways to implement the teachings in your own life.

I have to be honest, I have read Dr. Dyer before and found his books to be hit or miss and a lot of times so over my head that I could not make sense out of them. Clearly it was not his writing but myself not being ready to really 'hear' what he had to say. Not once did I feel that this book was confusing or over my head. I found it helpful in so many ways. This was an e-book review copy but I am going to buy it. Wishes Fulfilled is one of those books that needs to be read again and again with each reading bringing something different to the reader. My only regret is that the pictures that Dr. Dyer talks about were not included in the review copy. That's ok though because I will be buying it anyway!

Highly recommended.

That Bear Ate My Pants!

That Bear Ate My Pants! - Tony James Slater Read Review At Night Owl Reviews

The Willing

The Willing - C.S. Splitter The Willing is the second book in the Tom Crayder series so reading the first one will give you the backstory. That being said, not reading the first one first will NOT take away from the excitement of this story at all. It may leave a few holes but trust me, you will enjoy filling them in yourself as you read.

I truly like Tom Crayder! He is a fun guy that I would love to be neighbors with. He may not be the perfect husband and father but he does his best and there is no doubt that he loves his family. In this book Tom and his partner Lorna are working to fix a mess of trouble caused by Tom’s wife. Old friends come back from the first book to lend a hand.

The action and excitement was high and steady! I can’t help but root for the bad guys. The author brings them alive and while I know they are dirty, meanies, I still can’t help but love them! I love a book that shows all sides of a person, good, bad and ugly and this book certainly delivers. There are twists and turns aplenty but never do you get lost or confused. It’s a stay up late and finish it book because you will need to know what happens next, right now!

The Crayder Chronicles is a wonderful, fun series with characters that become friends. I can’t wait to meet up with them again in the next book.

Sensations: A Little Book of Love

Sensations: A Little Book of Love - Dawn Armstrong Sensations is exactly what the title says it is...A little book of love. It falls under the Self-Help category but it is so much more and I believe there is something in it for everyone at every stage of their life. It is a work book with personal reflection questions at the end of the chapters focusing on what that chapter was about. I read this as an e-book and answered the questions as notes in my reader. It will be interesting to go back and see how my answers change as time goes on.

There are chapters on everything from Courage to Endurance and so much more. My favorites are Patience, Soul and Intuition. The author prefaces the chapters with quotes from some famous people and her own work as well. Each and every one are terrific words to live by.

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford

Says it all doesn't it?

I enjoyed the Author's Note where she gives us a little background on how the book came about. She also offers a Pay it Forward when you purchase the book, I admire her for doing that.

Sensations is a short book that is full of inspiration and positive messages. I believe it will mean something different to each person that reads it. It is the kind of book that you can easily apply to your life. I know this is a book I will go back to again and again.

Disclosure: Provided free of charge by WLC for review.

Oath of Office

Oath of Office - Michael Palmer WOW, how is that for a review? Pretty much sums up my feelings on the book! I love Medical Suspense and Michael Palmer writes the best ones. His characters are ‘real’ people, people who I have no problem identifying with and Dr. Welcome is awesome. He is a dad, an ex-husband, a brilliant doctor who hit bottom and climbed his way back up to now help other doctors suffering the same fate. He never hides from his past or tries to sugar coat it and I admire that. I truly enjoyed his interaction with his teen daughter and the way he handled his ex-wife’s new marriage and husband. I felt that he still loved his ex but he knew it was his fault that he lost her and respected and supported her chance at a new life and happiness. I wish every divorce was this way.


The Killer Within: In the Company of Monsters

The Killer Within: In the Company of Monsters - Philip Carlo, Kent Bateman We all know that I am a huge true crime fan and Philip Carlo in my opinion is one of the best true crime writers. I am also a big supporter of finding a cure for neuromuscular diseases. Philip Carlo in this book brings us again face to face with some of the worst human killers on this earth but what he also does is takes us into his world, the world of ALS which is the worst neuromuscular disease there is......

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